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Mapping Memories

Part of the process of writing and drawing this webcomic series is to recollect and gather my childhood memories from the dusty corners of my mind. It was not easy. So I tried mapping my memories with Google Map.

There's so much you can tell from a map; the political boundaries, the streets of foreign cities, or the vast blue oceans. But who is to say we can't add a bit more information about the lost souls that roamed the foreign cities or the fear you experienced at the very spot where you almost drowned in the sea? In my story, this information is vital, and mapping them out becomes an integral part of the writing process. As I added bits and pieces of memories from my childhood on the map, I am also aware that many things have changed since the last time I was in Kuala Kangsar; Atah's house was no longer at 403, Jalan Idris as it burnt down a couple of years ago. But my experience growing up there remains as vivid as the icon that now represents it on the map. 

I invite you to explore this map as we continue our journey. 

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